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Breanna Lauren Gribble

Dancer, Choreographer, Geophysicist
Project Manager/Geologist NYC Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation
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08 November 2011: Breanna and MMDC are performing "Spit and Skip"(youtube) at Under Exposed at Dixon Place. Get your tickets now at Ovation Tickets.

Bree & Hannah 17 September 2011: Breanna and MMDC are presenting their work "Q and Unfinished Sentences" at Triskelion Arts in an evening of Dance curated by the Mari Meade Dance Collective and sponsored by Brooklyn Arts Council Department of Cultural Affairs.
Saturday's concert at Triskelion will also feature Catherine Miller - Walking/Talking, Lonely Goat Dance Company, and Tiana Hemlock.
Update: 29 September 2011 Really nice OffOffOff review of the Triskelion performance.

30 June 2011: Breanna and the Mari Meade Dance Collective perform their new work, "Spit and Skip" at Dance New Amsterdam.

16-17 June 2011: Breanna is performing with Dana Salisbury and the No-See-Ums, 7:30pm at University Settlement. --- "BARK!" "choreographed and performed by Dana Salisbury in collaboration with Amy Baumgarten, Ashley Handel, Breanna Gribble, CJ Holm, Mari Meade Montoya, EmmaGrace Skove-Epes, and Sarah Young. Electronic sound: Stephan Moore. Scents by Intuiscent."

Breanna Gribble

22 May 2011: Breanna is dancing WaxWorks on Sunday at Triskelion Arts with Mari Meade Dance Collective, and also Wednesday, June 1st with Caliince Dance. Here's a cool YouTube video teaser for the performance.

02 April 2011: Breanna's current choreography work includes an evening length piece called "Limits," inspired by mathematical limits. The first section, The Limit DNE, will be shown 6 May 2011 at the Famoso Festival in New York.

17 April 2011: Breanna is dance -ING with Jin Ju Song-Begin at the Center for Performance Research, NY, Sunday, 8pm.

"Choreographer Jin Ju Song-Begin presents four works featuring live music composed by Jerome Begin, Sam Crawford and Christopher Lancaster, with a violin performance by Jennifer Choi. Performers: Emily Bock, Esme Boyce, Giulia Carotenuto, Kevin Fay, David Gonsier, Breanna Gribble, Karen Harvey, Juhwan Hwang, Christina Robson and Jin Ju Song-Begin."

Bree has Questions
21-23 January 2011: Breanna and Mari Meade Dance Collective at the Asheville Fringe Festival 2011 in Ashville North Carolina.

Here's an excerpt from Sunday's performance, and here's an mpeg video of the whole thing.

07 February 2011: Breanna is dancing at Judson Church with JinJu Song-Begin 8:00pm.

03 & 10 March 2011 Breanna is dancing with JinJu Song and Karen Srikalima Harvey.

MMDC at the Cool NY 2011

01 March 2011: Another nice review from OffOffOff of Breanna and MMDC's performance of "Q & Unfinished Sentences" at Cool NY 2011.

16-17 December 2010: Breanna and Mari Meade Dance Collective perform "Q & Unfinished Sentences" at The Tank and got a really great review from OffOffOff
Bree at DumboFest

November-December 2010: Upcoming Performances of Breanna and the Mari Meade Dance Collective

15 November 2010: Breanna and Mari Meade Dance Collective perform "Q & Unfinished Sentences" for Movement Research at Judson Church with a score by BL Lacerta. Here's a video of the Judson Church performance.

06 November 2010: Breanna and Mari Meade Dance Collective perform the first excerpt of "Q & Unfinished Sentences" at Amalgamate Artist Series with a score by BL Lacerta
26 September 2010: Breanna and Mari Meade Dance Collective at the 10th Anniversary Dumbo Dance Festival

Breanna at Dumbo Dance Festival

The Mari Meade Dance Collective presented their new work, "The Dirt Belies Us"(youtube) at the Dumbo Dance Festival to rave reviews: "Of all the performances missed and seen in this 3-day weekend, the one that stood out was Mari Meade's The Dirt Belies Us. A striking opening duet between Breanna Gribble and Hannah Darrah seems hard to beat, or even to match ---"

--- Quinn Batson,

11 June 2010: Breanna at the Poliglot Theater


Breanna is dancing Friday, 11 June 2010, in the Poliglot Theater Production of Neither Heaven nor Earth

07 June 2010: Breanna the Geophysicist

NYC Mayor's office of Environmental Remediation Breanna has accepted a full time position as geologist and project manager in the New York City Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation.

25 April 2010: Breanna at Triskelion Arts

Trikkelion Arts Breanna is performing with the Mari Meade Dance Collective at Triskelion Arts on Sunday, April 25, 7:00 pm. Music by Vivaldi (with a killer bassoon player).

Here's rehearsal video of Breanna in Mari Meade's "Directly In, Indirectly" to be performed Sunday at Triskelion Arts.

March 2010: Breanna at Triskelion and Greenspace

Breanna Gribble Breanna is dancing March 12-14 with the AbaRukas and Caliince Dance Company at the Triskelion in Brooklyn in "new and past works, choreographed by Yoshito Sakuraba and Pauline Legras." Breanna is also dancing this weekend, March 21 2010, with Mari Meade, Alison Beler, Rachel Rizzuto and Hannah Darrah performing "Directly In, Indirectly" on the GreenSpace Performance Series.

Photo credit: Justin Lundquist.

January 2010 Breanna at Lincoln Center

Breanna Gribble Breanna is dancing Community:Ratio with the Mari Meade Dance Collective on January 23rd and 24th at the THE CLARK STUDIO THEATER at the Lincoln Center Institute, 70 Lincoln Center Plaza, Rose Building, 7th Floor.

Here is a youtube video, opening excerpt of Community Ratio and Mari Meade's commentary

Fall 2009 Breanna the Dancer

Dancin' Bree Breanna is Associate Artistic Director and dancing this Fall with Mari Meade Dance Collective.

07 August 2009 Breanna the Porcupine

Bree as Porcupine Breanna performed this summer in Maine with Alison Chase in the rock quarry production of Quarryography 2 in association with the Stonington Opera House.

24 June 2009 Breanna the Scientist

NYC Mayor's office of Environmental Remediation Breanna is working during the summer of 2009 in the New York City Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation as a geologist focusing on "E"-Designation on Brownfield Sites in the 5 boroughs.

"My internship at the MOER was a comprehensive and through immersion in Brownfield Remediation efforts in NYC. As the E-Designation Intern I reviewed architectural plans, CEQR information, requests for documentation from our office from developers, I prepared Notices of No Objection, used the MOER?s new management system, and learned about zoning and remediation techniques. In addition to my work in E-designation, I also did research on the Gowanus Canal, read and compiled Superfund listing responses to the canal from civilians, participated in Pre-Application meetings with different developers, went to staff meetings, wrote articles for the website, created a powerpoint presentation for environmental consultants, and did extensive research on Financial Resources in NY for developers of Brownfield Sites. As a city intern I also took advantage of the opportunity to participate in a service project to clean up the beach at Coney Island, visit MOMA to hear a lecture on NYC Service, and I recently went to Staten Island for an informational tour of the Fresh Kills Landfill."

13 June 2009 Breanna on Broadway!

Kumpanyasi Poster Breanna danced in the historic Beacon Theater on Broadway in New York to a packed house on June 13th, 2009, in the Turkish American Art Society's Production of the popular Turkish Musical Hisseli Harikalar Kumpanyasi featuring the renowned Turkish singer Burak Kut

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Breanna's Dancing and Choreography
All The Rage

Dancing with Hot Pink Granite:
Alison Chase: Quarryography

Design, Choreography, and Dance for PUMA:

Dancing Clock que hora es?
jugar bailar nadar descansar ganar trabajar

New Shoes: Cell Meio

Breanna's Vitae
After four years of study at Southern Methodist University, Breanna Gribble earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A.) in Dance Performance, a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in Geophysics, and a minor in Mathematics graduating Magna Cum Laude in Spring 2008.

A native of Southern California, Breanna began her dance training at age thirteen at the Idyllwild Arts Academy, a private boarding school in her hometown of Idyllwild. After graduating the top of her class, she chose to attend Southern Methodist University, encouraged by artistic and academic scholarships. During her dance training at SMU she performed works by Martha Graham, Maurice Bejart, Carla Maxwell, William Forsythe and Max Stone. Summer 2006, she performed the Japanese Butoh piece by choreographer Takuya Muramatsu in the International Choreographer's Commissioning Project in Durham, North Carolina.

She also worked with choreographer Alison Chase, co-founder of Pilobolus Dance Company, on a site specific work called Quarryography appropriately performed in a granite quarry in Stonington, Maine. She continued her work with Ms. Chase the following summer. She gained valuable experience in the unique Pilobolus style of movement including harness suspension work. She was a valuable contributor to the Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York City when she worked as a marketing consultant through the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs division of SMU.

She was a consistent contributor to the student choreography program during her four years at SMU, she was the artistic director of the senior dance concert Common Thread: Sharp Show 2008, and was instrumental to the development of a new class, Video Dance Workshop. Most recently, Breanna is choreographing and dancing in a series of commercials for Puma Athletic Wear.
	2004 - 2008
	B.F.A/B.S. Dance Performance and Geophysics
	Southern Methodist University
	Dallas, TX
	2007 - 2007
	Mustang Consulting
	Dance Theatre of Harlem, New York
	Worked as a marketing consultant through the Corporate Communications
	and Public Affairs division of SMU for the Dance Theatre of Harlem for
	ten weeks in the summer of 2007.
	2008 - 2008
	Puma Athletic Wear, Mexico
	See my work at click on R1-R6 and the Cell Meio Ad
	2008 - 2008
	"Quarryography" by Alison Chase (co-founder of Pilobolus Dance Company)

Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Maine Arts Commission. Commissioned by Opera House Arts at the Stonington Opera House, Stonington, ME. Produced by Opera House Arts in collaboration with Island Heritage Trust. Renowned choreographer Alison Chase brings professional dancers, university students and her beloved community together to show us what goes on at the local quarry when no one is watching...
	2008 - 2008
	JP2 Theatre Booster Club
	Choreographer for the production of Beauty and the Beast


	Outstanding Dance Award
	Meadows School of the Arts
	Southern Methodist University
	Magna Cum Laude
	Meadows School of the Arts/Dedman College
	Southern Methodist University
	Common Thread: Sharp Show 2008
	Senior dance concert at Southern Methodist University - Dallas, TX
Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer "The annual Sharp Dance Series is a showcase of works choreographed and produced by seniors from SMU's Division of Dance. This year's show was created as a benefit for the local charitable organization Bryan's House, which helps care for children affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition to presenting the Sharp Show, the dancers taught a two-day creative movement class in January for the children at Bryan's House.
Breanna has trained in Ballet, Pointe, Classical and Contemporary Partnering, Modern, Jazz, Improvisation, Composition, Butoh, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Swing, Tap, and Argentinean Tango. She is at an advanced level in Graham technique as taught by her teachers Myra Woodruff and Nathan Montoya, both former members of the Graham Company.

Her teachers include but are not limited to Anne Krampen, Jean-Marie Martz, Deborah Brockus, Stephaine Gilliland, Diana MacNeil, Nora Reynolds, Andrew Parker, Karen Kriete, Shelley C. Berg, Patty Harrington Delany, Myra Woodruff, Nathan Montoya, Max Stone, Danny Buraczeski, Leslie Peck, Lauren Thompson, and Antonia Caruso.

She is elementary level certified in Labanotation. She has gained much experience in grant and proposal writing while she was the artistic director of Common Thread: Sharp Show 2008. She has experience as an assistant stage manager and has produced, filmed, and edited dance for camera works. She has worked with Motion Capture and suspension work (single-hand harness).

Her musicality is a result of training in the Suzuki Method on Cello. She was a member of many local orchestras in Southern California and played professionally in the Cochella Valley Symphony Orchestra.

Breanna is currently living and dancing in New York. She can be contacted as BreannaGribble (at)

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