Jarrell Marie Hamilton

Dancer - Choreographer

Beauty Jarrell

Jarrell Marie Hamilton is a graduate of Southern Methodist University where she was a dancer, choreographer and honor student in the Division of Dance at the Meadows School of the Arts. She is currrently living and dancing in New Orleans.

the fall
"the fall" (excerpt)

choreography: Jarrell Hamilton
dancers: Albert Drake and Amanda Owen

hibernating through dreams

choreography: Jarrell Hamilton
dancers: Jarrell Hamilton, Lee Duveneck...


choreography: Jarrell Hamilton
dancers: Jasmine Black, Albert Drake, Lee Duveneck, Jamal Jackson, Chris Jaroz,
Dani Stinger, Kim Van Woesik, Brittany Werthmann

silenced desolation
"silenced desolation"

choreography: Jarrell Hamilton
Katie Drablos, dance
David Anderson, piano

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