nBot Revision 6
14 September 2013
David P. Anderson

nBot6 front nBot6 right rear nBot6 right front nBot6 left side nBot6 rear

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nBot was rebuilt as Rev 5 in the Fall of 2011, using Lithium-Polymer batteries. These batteries were great and gave over 5 hours of run time. However, these batteries self destructed in a violent flaming event in the winter of 2012, destroying much of nBot in the process. The only parts that survived the flames were the tires, wheels, axles, gears, one motor, the power supplies, one Ping sensor, one Sharp IP sensor, and the FAS-G tilt sensor (!).

nBot was rebuilt in the Spring and Summer of 2013 as Revision 6. This version replaced the LiPo batteries with Nickle Metal Hydrides, and rebuilt the frame and electronics. The above pictures show the Rev 6 robot from various angles. Videos coming soon...

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