Training Classes and Familiarization

Demonstration of seismometer preparation prior to installation.
Karl Thomason demonstrates the preparation of a seismometer prior to installation. Successful installation of these instruments requires a special procedure adapted to borehole installation. Instead of adjusting instrument level and free period after installation, it must be preset prior to the installation in a borehole.

During the site preparation for the 9 element arrray, a training class was held to demonstrate the technique and familiarize seismologists with the procedure. This training session included both instruction in the software and analysis of the data at Dallas as well as installation field training at Lajitas.
At the time of this visit, only one telemetered site was in operation (the prototype). Visiting technicians learned the methods needed to completely install a system and to diagnose common problems.

Visiting delagates visit the operational Lajitas Site
In 1995, a fully operational TXAR hosted delagates from Russia in a familiarization visit. Here Paul Golden explains the geometry of the Array using a high altitude color infrared photograph. Air and satellite photos are invaluable in selecting sites and access roads. Even in this location, where detailed 1:24000 scale topographic maps are easily available, a photo is an essential tool.

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