Photo List(All photos copyright C. Hayward, 1994)

Photo List

All photos shown here are at the their true size. When embedded into the web pages and viewed with Netscape, they may be rescaled by pixcell replication or decimation to fit an available sized window. Most pictures have been scaled to be viewed best on a large window. 11 elements.gif KS36000a KS36000B KSPULLEY LabTrailer Ltxtowna Yagielementb batteries boxes cim+radio class1 class2 drill1a drill1 b drill2a drill2b drill3a drill3b drill4a element_cu element_lsa elementa elementb hub3a hub_antenna huba hubb hubtowera install1a install1b install2a install2b install3a install3b 1a monitor_2a paula picture2a picture2b pyramids smulogo ubs vista1 vista2 vista3 vista5 well2a well2b wella wellb

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