NVAR Seismic Array

Nevada Test Site Seismic Events

A project is currently underway using the NVAR data for ground truth database development.
This includes the complete analysis of seismic events on or near the Nevada Test Site.
The NTS events identified by the University of Nevada at Reno
(UNR) Seismological Laboratory and located from:
36.25 N to 37.75 N and 115.5 W to 117.0 W
are represented on a map of the Nevada Test Site.

  • Map with the University of Nevada at Reno and NVAR locations, May 2000

    Locations by UNR are represented on the map by dots, locations by NVAR
    are represented by diamonds.
    The map is updated on Monday each week.

    For the events located by UNR within the boundaries of the NTS,
    we process the NVAR (Mina, Nevada array) seismic data as well.
    Data from UNR automatic bulletin, from NVAR and differences in
    location; for events occured during the current month are presented
    in a table format at the address:

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