We attended the Seattle Robotics Society Robothon 2003 in October. I shot lots of video and stills of the events, which I will post here with my comments as I am able. For now I have video of nBot exploring the various terrain and obstacles to be encountered around the Seattle Center House, where the events were held, in anticipation of next year's SRS "DARPA" Mini-challenge.

"NBot's Mini-challenge 2003"

SRS plans to hold an event at next year's Robothon 2004, the "Mini-Challenge," that is patterned after the DARPA "Grand Challenge" competition which was held earlier this spring. The object is for an autonomous robot to navigate an outdoor course marked by GPS locations and orange traffic cones. As far as I know, this will be the first outdoor robotic event that the SRS has ever held.

While attending the Robothon in Seattle this year I had opportunity to follow my two-wheel balancing robot around the Seattle fairground with my video camera. I have assembled the footage into a tour of the area, a study of some of the terrain and obstacles that robots are likely to encounter in a Mini-challenge competition, and I had some fun with it as well. It's about 8 minutes long. It is in four different formats, from high to low resolution:

high-res mpeg (65 Mb)
low-res mpeg (27 Mb)
windows .wmv (13 Mb)
real media .rm (8 Mb)

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