Structural Geology

This is a photo of deformed limestone within the West Spring Creek Formation (Ordovician) in the Arbuckles of Oklahoma. These rocks lie near the Washita Valley Fault (about 300 ft to the north, or right) which drops the Vanoss Group (Pennsylvanian) down into contact with them, representing nearly 1.5 miles of structural relief.  This is one of many stops made during the Earth Systems field trip.


This page has been constructed as an aid for Southern Methodist University students currently enrolled in Structural Geology. I hope that this page will provide you with the help needed in completing your laboratory exercises and that it may also serve as a reference site for questions you may have about lab or lecture.  Please bare with me.  This is a work in process and will probably not be complete until the end of the Spring semester, 2001.  Check back often for updates.

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