Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

ike Holdaway's research interests center on several areas of field- and laboratory-related metamorphic petrology, especially pelitic metamorphic rocks, their minerals, reactions, fluids, and conditions of formation. Recent research has involved the minerals staurolite, cordierite, andalusite, sillimanite, kyanite, and garnet.

An important project Mike is presently undertaking involves recalibration of the garnet-biotite geothermometer and the muscovite-almandine-biotite-sillimanite (MABS) geobarometer. Until now available experimetnal, calorimetric, and natural data have not been utilized to the fullest. Mike, with his former post-doc Mukhopadhyay, have been able to significantly improve on the various Margules parameters and the calibration of the biotite-garnet exchange equilibrium. Among observations they have made are (1) Fe3+ content of biotite and garnet must be accounted for, (2) the Fe-Mg Margules parameters of both garnet and biotite are larger than suggested by the most widely cited recent study, (2) Al content in biotite is an important factor, (4) a data base of pelitic rocks from west-central Maine provides an excellent opportunity to test their temperature and pressure results and compare them with previous calibrations. More accurate and precise measurements of metamorphic conditions are especially useful in studying the behavior of metamorphic fluids and in deducing pressure-temperature-time paths.

In attempting to calibrate the MABS geobarometer agains the garnet-Al silicate-plagioclase (GASP) geobarometer Mike has discovered some problems with GASP. Two different plagioclase activity models give significantly different results. He is attempting to resolve the problems with GASP before finalizing the calibration of MABS.

Selected Publications
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