This laboratory houses a simultaneous SpectrSpan 7 direct current argon plasma (DCP) spectrometer which generates a temperature of 7,000 deg. K. This is sufficient to dissociate most compounds and cause elemental spectrum to be generated. Wave lengths within the spectra can be selected with an echelle grating. Measured against standards, the intensity of the selected wave length give the concentration of the element over a number of orders of magnitude. The DCP is used to obtain solute concentrations for fluids in experimental charges as well as in natural waters. Most elements in the periodic table can be analyzed except those in air and those heavier than uranium with a detection limit that ranges between 1 and 100 ppb.

Ancillary equipment in the lab includes automatic titrators to determine the surface charge as well as adsorption of cations and anions on mineral surfaces by using pH and ion selective electrodes, respectivelyl. The laboratory also has a chloridometer as well as fluidized bed and shaker bed reaction apparatus for research in the rate of mineral/fluid reactions as a function of time.

The DCP instrument is operated under the direction of Walther as a cost center within the Department. The usage fee is $30/hr.