The X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory houses a Sintag (Thermo Optek) PAD V Powder diffraction system. The system is configured with a vertical 2-Theta:Theta x-ray goniometer, high intensity Cu x-ray tube, and a Kevex psi peltier cooled silicon detector. Automation and data collection is accomplished through a Compaq computer running Windows NT and the latest version of Scintag's DMSNT software including stress analysis. The computer also has release 1998 powder diffraction database files from the International Centre for Diffraction Data for post collection data analysis. The laboratory also has a collection of printed data files as well.

The lab is routinely used by several departments within SMU including Anthropology, Chemistry, Engineering, as well as Geology, and on occasion is used by staff and students from nearby Universities. Assistance with lab operation and maintenance is provided by staff member Roy Beavers.

The XRD laboratory is operated as a cost center within the Department. At present, non-profit users are charged $5/hr for daytime (supervised) use. SMU graduate students are exempt from these fees if they have no external sources of research suppport. Commerical (for-profit) users are charged $10/hr. Rates are adjusted occasionally to reflect increasing costs.

Those interested in services provided by the XRD Laboratory should contact:

Roy Beavers
Department of Geological Sciences
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX 75275
voice: (214) 768-2756
fax: (214) 768-2701